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About AviationCorkBoard.com and CorkBoard Classified Media, Inc. | "The Best Approach In Aviation Classifieds"

About AviationCorkBoard.com

AviationCorkBoard.com ("the Site") is owned and operated by Corkboard Classified Media, Inc. Corkboard Classified Media is the nation's newest online media publisher of aviation classified advertising. We are dedicated to satisfying consumer demand for efficient targeted advertising at competitive price points.

At AviationCorkBoard.com you will find a large selection of classified ads which include: aircraft, helicopters, aircraft parts, hangars, aviation real estate and ground service equipment.

Our number one goal is to provide the best value and customer service possible for our users. As a subsidiary of Corkboard Classified Media, Inc., AviationCorkBoard.com will provide the very best in technical support, hardware, and software to ensure that we are always ready when you need us. We are also always looking for ways to make our site better and encourage you to contact us with any comments or suggestions.

"The Best Approach In Aviation Classifieds"